Business Center of Xianlin Dongchenghui of Nanjing


Client:  Nanjing High-Tech Real Estate Co., Ltd
Purpose: Commercial
Project progress: Under construction
Total building area: 87,155 m²
Main building structure: Reinforced concrete frame structure
Major exterior decoration materials: stone, glass curtain wall

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The project is located at the eastern foot of Nanjing Zijinshan Mountain, the west side of Nanjing Xianlin Colleague Town and closed to the central service area of Colleague Town in the east.  It is a comprehensive experience-style park block and a landmark and representative commercial project in the colleague town.  The project contains franchised stores, retail shops, catering facilities, kids facilities, entertainment and business offices.  The main building is divided into 2 parts.  One is five-storey business spaces including retail shop, restaurant and entertainment for children.  The other is six-storey business offices with ground and 2nd floor serving as lobby and commercial spaces. 

The main elevation of the building is of modern style and emphasizes the design concept of "rain flower pepples" with stone and glass curtain wall as the main metertials.

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