A2、A3 Commerical Plot, Shimao New City, Shaoxing

Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province

Client:  Shaoxing Shimao New City Real Estate Development Co., Ltd
Purpose:   Commercial
Total building area: 184,210 m2
Main building structure: Frame structure
Major exterior decoration materials:
Glass curtain wall

More Pictures:

Shaoxing Shimao New City enjoys a superior location as it is adjacent to the city's old prosperous commercial region and reaches directly to the east Didang new city CBD core district which inclueds high-rise and super-high-rise commercial office buildings and high-end hotels.

The A2, A3 Commercial plot emphasizes the commercial atmosphere of the project by the incorporate design of small sized leisure & catering facilities, landscape bridge, and a curved commercial corridor that goes across the river.  The popularity and business atmosphere of the plot is represented thoroughly day and night by the beautiful waterfront Landscape, the exquisite outdoor fir floor and small stage, the dock, various promotion activities, fashionable parties and performances, etc, presenting the popularity and commercial prosperity of the plot which is meant to be a new life-style fashion landmark of Shaoxing.

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