Wuxi Kempinski Hotel

Wuxi City

Client: Wuxi Kaiyan Real Estate Co.,Ltd
Purpose: Hotel & Serviced Office building
Total building area: 128,667 m2
Main building structure:
Frame tube structure
Main exterior decoration materials:
Glass, stone, aluminum alloy curtain wall  

More Pictures:

Wuxi Kempinski Hotel is located in the north part of Tai Lake of Wuxi New Area, the future political and cultural center of Wuxi.  The building consists of Kempinski Hotel, serviced office and serving part for public use.  The overall arrangement of the base complies with terrain and forms a strict order from outdoor square to indoor space which is highlighted via a strong experience  of depth.

The form of the tower building focuses on arc triangle, highlighting beautiful and tall architectural image through combination of metal decorative parts. The three curtain frames on the top further increase the sense of extension to an infinite hight.  The building is in harmony with neighboring urban environment and space outline for its distinctive image and open landscape, composing rich and lively city rhythm.  

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