Terminal Building of Taizhou Airport, Yangzhou

Yangzhou City

Client: Airport Investment Construction Co.,Ltd,Jiangdu City,Middle Jiangsu
Total building area: 30,117 m2
Main building structure:
steel structure Y post and curve beam with variable cross-section
Major exterior decoration materials: 12low-e+12Ar+10 hollow steel glass, 30 thick-swan high fever gross granite (aluminium alloy decoration fillet of 80 in width).

More Pictures:

The project is with front row layout. The main building and the corridor have "integrated design".  Passenger flow displays "Two floors" layout insuring clear and concise pasenger flow.  The main functional layout is as follows: The departure floor, mainly for ticket hall, landside commercials, departure hall, airside commercials, arrival corridor, and reserved commercial spaces and VIP lounge;  The ±0.0m floor is mainly set as luggage retrieve hall and reception hall, remote bay departure hall, VIP hall and related commercial and service facilities. The luggage seperation hall is behind the luggage retrieve hall. The -6.50m basement is used as equipment room. 

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