Yantai Chaoshui Airport

Chaoshui Town, Penglai City, Yantai City

Client: Yantai Chaoshui Airport Project Construction Co., Ltd
Occupied area:  79,431 m2
Main building structure: 
Steel concrete frame 
Major exterior decoration materials:
glass, stone and metal roof

More Pictures:

Yantai Chaoshui Airport Terminal Building Project is to meet the development  requirements of Yantai Air transportation industry and  the need of Shandong Province to develop Bohai Bay economy.  The Project could also realize the strategy of building a grand airport in Yantai City.  Yantai Chaoshui Airport Terminal Building is a part of the whole airport.  This phase of the project is for domestic air transportation.

The design concept of the terminal originates from the broad sea.  Through integrated design of the main building and finger corridors, the whole terminal building turns out to be complete and continuous.  The roof adopts the unique overlapping form, looking like sea waves and beach sand, showing the seasons of the Yantai sea.  

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