Urban Design and Regulatory Plan of Zhenjiang Software Park

High-tech Industrial Zone, Zhenjiang New District

Client: Management committee of Zhenjiang New District 
Type: Park plan
Occupied area: 1,549,000 m²
Total building area: 2,043,000 m²

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The whole Park is defined as a first-class domestic high-tech comprehensive development park with world fame.  The park takes software outsourcing service as its leading function and is integrated with R&D and production of high-tech product.   
The plan is based on the principle "live in the community and work in a park with green and low-carbon ecological and sustainable development idea.  The design is dedicated to minimizing the damage to raw ecological environment.   Rainwater’s collection and recycle as well as techniques and materials for green building and energy saving are utilized in the project.

Land functions include: one core, three areas, and two belts.  One core means modern comprehensive service area in the center of the park combined with surrounding green land to form core zone of public service with good quality of environment and landscape.  Three-area means three lands for high-tech parks. Resources of these three parks are integrated and shared to achieve cooperative development.  Two-belt means green ecological landscape belt and supporting industrial belt on the east side of “one-core and three-area”.

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