Central Landscape Axis and South/north Squares of Nanjing South Railway Station


Client: Nanjing Railway Construction & Investment Co., Ltd.                              
Purpose: Commercial building underground              
Occupied area:    273,894 m²
Gross floor area:  422,501 m²
Main structure: Reinforced concrete frame
Major exterior decoration materials:
Glass curtain wall, stone curtain wall

More Pictures:

The project consists of south square,north square and central landscape axis.  On east and west sides of the south square, there will be 2 high buildings while center of the south square will be the station square and aboveground  landscape and 2-floor commercial spaces underground.  For north square, there will be a 1-story commercial space underground and station square and landscape aboveground.  The central landscape comprises greening landscape above ground and 2-floor commercial spaces and a vehicle garage underground.  

The project is a modern and intelligent complex integrated with multiple functions including railroad junction, bus and metro transfer, luxury stores, restaurants, entertainment and exhibition.

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