Urban Design of Central Aix & South/North Square,South Railway Station, Nanjing


Client:  Nanjing Railway Construction and Investment Co.,Ltd.
Purpose:  underground commercial
Occupied area:    273,894 m2
Gross floor area: 422,501 m2
Main building structure:
Reinforced concrete framework
Major exterior decoration materials:
Glass curtain wall, stone curtain wall

More Pictures:

The site extends to south an north while devided by the station house and the rail into two parts.  The design features "one axis, two centers, and multifunctional divisions".

One axis:the axis extends from the northern main city axix to Nanjing South Station, passing the gathering core area of high-new industrial services, north plaza, station house, south plaza, central axis, the metro entrance in the south of Hongyun avenue, inner lake and new Qinhuai river, forming an outstanding urban view central axis along the road. 
Two centers: means south and north vitality cores formed by business integrating, planning layout and landscape management in the two sides of the "one axix".  The north vitality core is industrial core, serving the surrounding R&D and businesses by hotels, conventions, exhibitions, R&D building and landscape water system.  The south vitality core is the leisure core that serves the inhabitants with metro entrance of southern Hongyun Avenue, hotels, large scale commercial center, music hall and library.   

Multi-functional division: a complex new city including commercial, business, industrial and residence land lots integrated by public activity belt and city greenery area.

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