Conceptual plan of Nanjing Dabaoen Temple Site Park


Client:  Nanjing Daming Cultural and Industrial Co., Ltd
Purpose:  Protective development
Occupied area:  54,400 m2
Total building area:  166,000 m2

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Nanjing Dabaoen Temple Site Park is located in the south of Nanjing old city.  It stands on the Guchangganli terrace and reflects the external Qinhuai River, accompanying Ming Dynasty circumvallation and Zhonghua Gate while faced with Yuhuatai.  The original building of the temple is one of the seven miracles of chinese ancient architectures.

Nanjing Dabaoen Temple Site Park is divided into two parts: core region of the ancient temple in the north and annex region in the south.  After its completion, Dabaoen Temple Site Park will be a window to show image and culture connotation of Nanjing.

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