Runhua International Building, Wuxi

Qingqi Road / Taihu Road, Wuxi City

Client: Wuxi Rundili Construction and Development Group Co., Ltd.
Purpose: Complex
Height: 238 m
Total building area: 144,046 m²
Main building structure:
Reinforced concrete frame- shear wall
Major exterior decoration materials:
Aluminium alloy plate, low emissivity LOW-E hollow glass

More Pictures:

The project is located in the entrance of Lihu new town, the tourist and commerce center of Wuxi City.  Being the landmark building of Wuxi City, the project features a concise yet variational figure.  The main building of the super high-rise is of high-low stride structure and is divided vertically into 3 functional areas as office, hotel office and 5-star hotel with separate vertical transportation systems and usage spaces.  The L shape of the main building expands its urban sight maximally and people may enjoy the sights of Wuxi Sports Center with leading standard in the north, the vast expanse of Taihu Lake in the south and the future Wuxi leisure and commerce new town in the west.  While enjoying scenery sights on the sightseeing floor, people will feel full of lofty as the poet goes “ reach the top and hold all mountains in a single glance”. 

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