Zifeng Mansion, Nanjing


Client: Nanjing Stateowned Assets Greenland Financial Co., Ltd.
Co-designer: SOM
(Schematic & preliminary design /curtain wall construction drawing design)
Total building area: 261,057
Main building structure:
Frame core wall with strengthened storey structural system.
Major exterior decoration material:
Glass curtain wall & stone curtain wall

More Pictures:

Greenland Zifeng Mansion has 2 towers (main tower and auxiliary tower) with a commercial podium connecting the 2 towers into an entire building group. The main tower has 66 storeys with tower top height of 450m.  It mainly includes a super 5-star hotel and class A office building; The auxiliary tower has 24 storeys above ground and mainly serves as class A office building.

The building stands straight and high with the spiral up side atrium as a metaphor of a dragon.  The building skin design is novel and unique with zigzag type unit curtain wall, half unit is mismatching up and down so as to form an effect of a dragon scale. The building possesses a delicate dynamic feeling when observed from different points of view.  The short side of the zigzag type curtain wall adopts perforated metal plates, which can have interior light seen from outside, giving rich expression and strong architectural expressive force to the mansion.

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