Nanjing Shimao Bund New Town Phase I

Xiaguan District, Nanjing

Client: Nanjing Shimao Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
Total building area: 549,000 sqm
Main building structure:
reinforced concrete shear wall
Major exterior decoration material:
external wall coating

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Nanjing Shimao Bund New Town, located in the riverside area of Xiaguan District of Nanjing, is a large-scale commercial residential building with supporting commercial area along the river.  The Project is adjacent to water on both sides with vast view and enjoys exceptional natural conditions. Standing here, you may see Qianzhou Island in the Yangtze River with beautiful scenery.  Meanwhile, the development on the green belt of Hexi Binjiang Development Zone in Nanjing and surrounding traffic system extending in all directions create a quality modern living environment for Nanjing Shimao Bund New Town.

Nanjing Shimao Bund New Town is built for creating a quality riverside living environment with humanistic connotation and improving the image of Binjiang green belt in Nanjing. With planned roads in urban planning and natural division on the housing estate by the terrain, the whole site is divided into three areas: a five-star HYATT Hotel along Binjiang Road; a commercial office area in the north of Binjiang Road and Nantong Road, and a high-rise residential area in the south of Huimin Avenue, in the south of Nantong Road, and in the north of Binjiang Road. In the site, two large plazas are planned to be built, in which there is a citizen plaza and public green land of three hectares are to be built along Binjiang Road and facing Sancha River, and a central green land and cultural plaza in the residential area and the club. Such design may not only guide the stream of people, but also enriches the function layout of the housing estate.

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