Shandong Provincial Hospital
East Ward Phase I

Jinan City, Shandong

Client:   Shandong Provincial Hospital
France SCAU (consulting) 
Total building area:  168,799.5  sqm
Main building structure: 
Framework-shear wall 
Major exterior decoration material:
stone, glass curtain wall

More Pictures:

Shandong Provincial Hospital is a century-old Grade A Class III comprehensive hospital. The newly built east ward is located in the Aoti Government Affair Center of Jinan City, it has 1500 beds and accommodates 6000 outpatients a day. It total occupies a land area of 9.86 hectares. The design focuses on urban planning, medical process, humanitarian care and regional culture, which reflects the characteristics of large modern hospital from the following aspects:

Intersection of hospital and city planning
With "one axis and multiple cores" linear structure, the design intends to integrate the hospital planning with the city planning while ensuring the healthy operation of the hospital.

Intersection of functional design and hospital management
With clinic subjects as the core for functional division, it intends to corresponding treatment branch centers, highlight the scientific and technological advantages of the large hospital, improve service efficiency and keep in line with the reform trend of large comprehensive hospital.

Intersection of technical design and innovative demand
Natural ventilation, roof greening, electric sun shade, automated communication, office automation, floor automation, pneumatic logistics and other green and intelligent medical technologies are applied to improve the modernized hospital service and management standard. 

Intersection of shaping design and regional culture-lotus ponds spreading over the hospital
Centered on the functions, the design makes full use of the space scale of the building complex. The skirt building is of arc dimension, with its gabled wall embedded with glass blocks to ensure perfect combination of technology and art, indicating the regional cultural features.

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