Lingshan Scenic Area Phase III

Mashan Town, Wuxi 

Client: Wuxi Lingshan Industrial Co., Ltd
Total building area:    72,000 sqm
Main building structure:
Reinforced concrete
Major exterior decoration material: stone/metal

More Pictures:

The main building for Lingshan Scenic Area Phase III project is the Buddhism Palace. It is located to the east side of the Phase I and Phase II projects and is under the foot of Qinglong Mountain, at the north end of the landscape axis of Phase III project.

The architectural functions include altar (for Buddhism performance), conference area, catering area, corridor hall and entrance hall. It is an important place for the tourists to enjoy Buddhism performance, art and culture. As the conference venue for the 2008 world Buddhism forum, it functioned as a conference, catering and communication place for over 1500 participants from all over the world.

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