Qingdao International Exhibition Center
Phase II

Laoshan District, Qingdao

Client: Qingdao International Conference & Exhibition Center
Purpose: Exhibition, Conference, Office, Sight-Seeing & Business
Total Building Area: 63,087 sqm
Main building structure:
Exhibition--Framed Structure;
Meeting Center--Shearing Force Wall Structure
Major exterior decoration material:
Aluminum Plate and Glass Curtain Wall

More Pictures:

This project combines exhibition, conference, building, sight-seeing and business functions. The south-north layout of phase II project and the east-west layout of phase I bring out the best in the whole project. The framed form echoes with the style of the phase I building. The oblique roof, high-rise tower also achieve the balance and coordination of strength, while the steel-structured vitreous body of the round sightseeing floor and the oblique dragline embodies the modern atmosphere of the New and Hi-Tech Development Zone. After its construction, the building will become a symbolic building of the area.

The design gives sufficient consideration to the unique geological location that adjoins mountains and sea.  Meeting and office spaces are in the tower building so as to maximize the effect of natural beauty.  In the spherical sightseeing floor at the top, people will be walking on the round walkway where majesty Laoshan Mountain, broad sea and magnificent building compose a grand symphony for travelers.

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