Nanjing Conference & Exhibition Center

Hexi New Town Area, Nanjing

Client: National Property Management Holding Co., Ltd. of Hexi New Town Area, Nanjing
Total building area: 180,000 sqm
Main building structure:
Reinforced concrete frame structure & plan beam string structure
Major exterior decoration material:
Glass curtain wall, stone & complicated aluminum panel

More Pictures:

Nanjing Conference & Exhibition Center is located at the central location of Hexi Middle Zone with 5km2 site area. The planning site is very important with prestigious location, convenient traffic and beautiful environment. It gives the visitors a feeling of embracing with views and materials full of national characteristics endowed by Zhong Mountain scenic spot and the Stone Mountain. While reminding people of Yangtze River and Xuanwuhu water scenic spot, the project find people a conference and exhibition place full of new concept with special beauty and long history of Nanjing.

The conference center is at the focus location of the 8 halls, with lakefront restaurant and VIP hall alongside the main axis corridor. The exhibition center will become a large public garden, surrounded by dense tall buildings in Hexi Development Zone. It is to be connected with the central part and Yangtze River green belt in plan.

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