Yixing Cultural and Art Center

Dongjiu New Town, Yixing City
Client:  Yixing Urban Construction Development Co., Ltd
Total building area: 175,000 sqm
Main building structure:
Reinforced concrete framework shearing wall structure
Major exterior decoration material:
Aluminum plates, stone, glass curtain wall

More Pictures:

The project is located in the core zone of the initiating region of Dongjiu New Town of Yixing City, featuring convenient traffic and rich landscape resources. With total occupied land area of about 19.3 hectares, the project plans to include public cultural buildings such as grand theatre, science and technology museum, fine arts museum and library.

Under the concept of Flower of Dongjiu, the site is divided by the flexible curves of water, the waterfront, the square and the green land so as to create a picturesque image between the bustling city and the tranquil lakefront. The building is of flower petals spreading over the site and give rise to a land of leaves around the building which resembles a scroll of picture of the beautiful south China scenes.

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