Suzhou Science & Technology Culture and Art Center

Suzhou Industrial Park

Client: Suzhou Science and Technology Culture and Art Center Co., Ltd
Total building area:  159,184 sqm
Main building structure:
Framework shearing wall
Major exterior decoration material:
Aluminum plates, stone, glass

More Pictures:

A multifunctional cultural center integrated with business, entertainment, science and technology and culture, the project is located in the cultural water corridor scenic area in the east bank of Jinji Lake in Suzhou Industrial park.  It stands as a landmark alongside the lake for its unique design concept.

The project is divided into five zones according to its architectural shapes and functional layout. Zone 1 is the business center, including science and technology exhibition halls and commercial catering services, Zone 2 is the exhibition center, consisting of a science an technology exhibition museum, Zone 3 is the cinema world, including one IMAX cinema, 6 movie halls and I VIP movie hall and specialty shop, Zone 4 is the art center, including one 1200-seat theatre, one performing theatre and some shops, Zone 5 is the supporting commercial establishments, including 6 commercial rooms and 1 subway shop.

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