Qingdao Grand Theater

QIngdao, Shandong Province

Client: Qingdao Guoxin Grand Theater Co.,Ltd.
Cooperative designer: GMP, Germany
Schematic & preliminary design
Purpose: Performance
Total building area: 81,996m2
Main structural form: Frame-shear wall
Main exterior decoration material:
Stone + glass curtain wall

More Pictures:

The site selection is Qingdao Grand Theater is Laoshan District, Qingdao, close to the foot of Lao Mountain and extends to the new plaza at seafront. It consists of a 1600-seat grand theater, 1200-seat music hall and a 400-seat multiple functional hall.

The building rises straight from the ground as a mountain, and a roof as light as a cloud is around it. It is as if a rock standing in the sea. A 4500m level high open platform on the plaza is like terrace of a mountain forming a public space that faces sea in the southwest and the mountain in the northeast, thus a distinct visual relation that leads towards Lao Mountain Scene is formed. The sculpture treatment of the building block arouses a direct association of Lao Mountain Scene by people A mountain like great and heavy building is having an interesting conversation with the light roof as graceful as a cloud.

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