Jiangsu TV and Broadcasting City

Gulou, Nanjing, Jiangsu

Client:  Jiangsu Province TV and Broadcasting Station
Total building area: 125,899 sqm
Main building structure:
Framework- core tube structure
Major exterior decoration material:
aluminum alloy plates, toughened transparent low-radiation hollow glass curtain wall, partial stone

More Pictures:

The project aims to be a symbolic building in Nanjing. The building resorts to the image of dragon and phoenix, featuring lofty and slim dimension. The focus is the Window of Jiangsu, giving the building a special vitality. The plan pioneers in the building of architectural spatial environment, organization of TV and broadcasting technologies and treatment of architectural technologies and forms. In particular, the media square and the greening environment are specially designed to form the major public cultural activity place.

Energy-efficient architectural design is particularly considered.  The well-proportioned curtain wall and windows, low-radiation hollow glass and inward inverted ventilation windows, sun-proof grille, sun-shield light-transmitting curtain wall made of perforated sun-proof plates and hollow glass, power-driven exterior sun-shield system, perforated sun-shield metal sheets and other unique designs effectively reflect the summer heat radiation, while the strong sun light enters into the atrium after being softened by the perforated plates. In winter and transitional seasons, natural light can be fully introduced into the room.

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