Xiaoshan International Airport Phase II T3 Terminal Building

Xiaoshan, Hangzhou

Client: Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport Phase II Engineering Construction Command
Total building area: 174,567 sqm
Main building structure: 
Reinforced concrete structure / steel structure
Major exterior decoration material:
Aluminum plates, glass curtain wall, plain concrete

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The airport is China's important trunk airport, a medium hub airport in East China Region and international regular airport. The current terminal area (Phase I) has total building area of 100,000 m2.  T1 Terminal functions for both domestic and foreign departure and arrival. The new T3 Terminal shall be integrated with the existing terminal building, aiming to bear annual passenger turnover of 22,530,000 person times in 2015, together with the T1 Terminal.

Based on human-centered design concept to facilitate the passenger with well-developed establishments, the project aims to create a pleasant space environment to show reasonable functional layout and comfortable passenger experience. The new terminal building is seamlessly connected with the T1 Terminal, with its elegant wavy curves on the integrated room to reflect the water culture represented by the West Lake, which will further improve the gateway image of the airport as a world-renowned tourist city.

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