Nanjing Lukou International Airport Phase Ⅱ

Lukou International Airport Phase Ⅱ
Client:  Nanjing Lukou International Airport Phase II Engineering Construction Command
Co-Designer: Civil Aviation Design & Research Institute, New Times (Overall design for flying area & ramp design)  
Purpose : Terminal building                
Total building area:  263,341 sqm
Main building structure:
steel structure, concrete structure
Major exterior decoration material:
Aluminum plates, stone, glass

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The project is located in the southeast of Nanjing City, 35.8km away from the city proper, strategically oriented as China’s large pivot airport, air cargoes and express delivery distribution center. Annual throughput of T2 Terminal is 18,000,000 person times. With human-centered concept and in combination with pleasant supporting facilities, the design tries to develop the Lukou Airport into a high-quality, human-centered, smart and energy-efficient pivot airport.

Main design features are as follows:
Efficient and convenient passenger flow and reasonable functional layout: T2 Terminal is equipped with four floors, respectively departure floor, arrival floor, station site floor and underground machine rooms.  Moreover, domestic and foreign passenger flows are separated.  The departure and arrival floors are arranged in different floors and connected via the traffic center with T1 Terminal and the subway.
Human-centered design
Green airport under green energy-efficient sustainable development design concept
Integrated roof canopy to unfurl the gateway image of the airport
Smooth traffic and convenient transfer

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